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Stages of our Program

Every man in the program is assigned to a work task for approximately five hours each day according to his physical ability and skills. The purpose of this is to learn good work ethic, apply relational skills and develop teamwork in a  safe, closely supervised environment.

Induction Period
(0-30 Days)

The Induction Period is a period of time where a man is introduced to the program and simultaneously can continue his detoxification process. At this time the men learn to acclimate to the daily discipline that will be required for them. In addition, because of the mental state a man is in when he enters the program, he will need this induction time to clear his mind from the negative psychological impact that drugs brought to his life and learn to find new life in Christ. 

Orientation Period
(6 - 8 Weeks)

During the Orientation Phase of the program, the teachings are directed towards two main areas: trust and ownership. The first priority is to begin to develop the trust in God, other men, and themselves that is needed to begin to break down the walls that keep them bound in addiction, which destroyed their life. Second, and of the utmost importance, a man begins to take ownership of his life and the choices he has made. Through the Regeneration Contract, a man learns how to look at his addiction and the devastation it has had on his life and on the lives of others. As a result he begins to take responsibility for his actions and develops an attitude of integrity. 

Regeneration Period
(8 - 12 Weeks)

In this class, men will learn both the physical and psychological aspects of chemical dependency and learn to take a deeper responsibility for their recovery. This level of the program explores stages of growing dependency on chemicals and what commitments are necessary on the road to recovery. It includes scientific information on chemical dependency as well as insights into the damage done to our thinking processes. It is important to see how the mind has been contaminated in order to understand the controlling effects of addiction. The lessons are also designed to expose the denial and defense mechanisms that are so prevalent in the addicts life. 

Inner Healing
(10 Weeks)

Inner healing is a 10 week period of time allotted where the men in the program can be directly focused on the healing needed for their own personal woundedness. Specifically, Inner Healing begins with a man looking at his defense mechanisms at an even deeper level. This is necessary to bring down some of his walls and unify the class through openness and vulnerability. Thus, bringing true healing and acceptance. 

(10 Weeks)

Discipleship lasts 10 weeks, and is the last class in the 10-month regeneration program. Here the men are held to the highest standard. They are the leaders in the program, and they are expected to live as such. The disciples are given myriad leadership opportunities that should encourage a sense of worth. Some of those positions assigned are as such: dorm monitors, job site leaders, and probably most importantly, when a new brother comes into the program, they are responsible for teaching them how to journal and hear from the Lord. 

Stage II

Stage II is a ten-week class that is encouraged for graduates who are single. This period of time offers additional support for the men to learn and walk in their new belief system by providing them more freedom and support. We found that this phase is a much needed time for the men to make choices for their future and acclimate themselves back into their community. In this phase, they are encouraged to see if they are called to Servant Leadership Training. 

Servant Leadership Training (SLT) 

This advanced training program introduces a man to the concept of becoming a servant in Christ and provides an amplified look at the cost of discipleship. He learns the proper use of his spiritual gifts and how to facilitate small groups as he deepens his understanding of his call to ministry and mission. S.L.T. is a one year commitment for men who are called into the recovery ministry. It is an intense training period where only the highest caliber of character is permitted. This is a combination of intense studies, internship, and mentoring. In S.L.T. the men go back through all the classes, however, this time assisting in the teaching and counseling of the men in the Regeneration Program. They work in hand with class counselors in an intern relationship where they learn firsthand how best to minister and develop positive and healthy confrontational skills. Thus, directly benefiting the men in the program.

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