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Cross Training Ministries is a one year residential Christ centered, discipleship regeneration program that ministers the gospel to drug addicts and alcoholics 18-25 years old and their families.  We  believe the Christian discipleship approach to drug and alcohol addictions produces the most effective and enduring results. Therefore, we teach that the Bible is the inspired word of God directing us to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Through the experience of the “New Birth in Christ”, an addicted person achieves not only sobriety, but more importantly, an everlasting relationship with the loving God who created him. We believe God has given us much more than our eyes to see with, and the word is very obvious that without hope and a vision we will perish.  Here at CTM we provide a safe environment for the men struggling with drug abuse to see their lives as God intends them to be.  Our physical vision shows and tells us one thing, but our spirtual vision is where God reveals his purpose for our lives.

Our History

Established in 2005 by David Pittman who had a dream to create a safe place for young men to overcome addiction and have a relationship with The Lord.

Our Vision

To witness men being set free from the bondage of addiction to walk in a new, abundant life with Jesus Christ,  recognizing Him as the source of hope, and life.

Our Mission

We are a Christian regeneration program for men in addiction. We offer a 12-month long residential program where men can be rescued (from themselves and their addiction), redeemed (to a right relationship with Jesus, set free from bondage), and restored (to their families and friends), through the message of the Gospel.


525 East El Paso Avenue, Clewiston, FL, USA

(863) 675-8001

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